Blog Post 1 – Agency introduction

FreezeFrameDMMP is a successful, Manchester-based B2B student digital agency. We work within the film industry and distribute the message of upcoming movies to your target audience, through different digital communication channels. With a dedicated team of professionals that provide quality services, FreezeFrameDMMP is the digital agency that will deliver search engine marketing and social media […]

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Blog post 2 – Search engine Digital appraisal

One of our strengths is the ability to provide professional search engine marketing strategies, that achieve high rankings and online target market engagement. What is a Search Engine? Search engines are used by millions of consumers every day, searching for products and services that solve their everyday wants and needs. Search engines like Google and […]

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Blog Post 3 – Social media Digital Appraisal

What is Social Media? Social media is a digital channel that allows people, communities and organisations to connect with each other due to the development of the technology (Tuten & Solomon, 2013). Social media marketing is where social media is used as a form of communication to deliver and exchange offerings from an organisation (Tuten […]

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Blog post 4 – References

Blake,T., Nosko, C. and Tadelis, S. (2014) Consumer heterogeneity and paid search effectiveness: A large scale field experiment. [Online] [Accessed on the 4th of January 2015]   Bourghton, S. (2005) Search engine marketing. Texas: St. Edwards University [Online] [9th January 2015]   Bramble, J. as quoted By Wight, E. (2014) ‘Small business tips: […]

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Heard it through the Grapevine?!

– What does your Social Media accounts say about you?   Your future employers don’t want to know what you did last friday night! Therefore, we have compiled 10 great advices for you, to take ownership of your professional social network accounts, so you don’t end up in the Social Media trap!   Change Facebook […]

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SEO Paul Smith– Multi-stripe Button Cufflinks

Keywords for search engines: Paul Smith Cufflinks Paul Smith cufflinks, linked us to the 2nd keyword, which was suggested by Google Trend: Links cufflinks Both keywords peaks in December, which links with the annual online Christmas shopping Designer cufflinks “Designer cufflinks” only showed two markets: United Kingdom and United States. However, another suggested keyword from […]

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