SEO Brand analysis Twinings Earl Grey

We looked at Twinings’ Earl Grey Tea and in a research group of three we individually came up with four individual keywords to test the popularity as search terms on Google over recent years: we used Google’s ‘Trends’ tool to gather this information.

It quickly became apparent to us that longer and/or complicated keywords yielded far fewer results when compared to shorter and simpler phrases. For example searching for ‘Twinings Loose Leaf Tea’ showed a small amount of interest, but it was dwarfed compared to ‘Twinings Tea’. However, brand related searches typically yielded higher searches compared to terms for unbranded products, as shown in the graph below.


Brands can take advantage of popular keywords and terms, by inputting them into their own website content and promotional materials, gaining a proportion of website users linking onto their brand when they input the keywords. This is a cost effective strategy that achieves consumer popularity, favourability and awareness for brands.

We wrote this article in conjunction with Ben Fitton, a member of VirtualAction, whose blog you can find by clicking here


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