SEO Paul Smith– Multi-stripe Button Cufflinks

Keywords for search engines:

  1. Paul Smith Cufflinks

pic 1

Paul Smith cufflinks, linked us to the 2nd keyword, which was suggested by Google Trend:

  1. Links cufflinks

pic 2

Both keywords peaks in December, which links with the annual online Christmas shopping

  1. Designer cufflinks

“Designer cufflinks” only showed two markets: United Kingdom and United States. However, another suggested keyword from Google Trend broad up a 3rd market and more searches from United States:

  1. Men’s cufflinks

pic 3

In addition to the above keyword, Google Trend suggested to split up CUFF and LINKS:

  1. Designer cuff links  

pic 4

This gave more search results than some of the previous used keywords.

  1. Button cufflinks

“Button cufflinks” gave many search results, however only in the US market.

  1. Unique cufflinks

This keyword has been used a lot from October 2011 to November 2014

  1. Silver cufflinks

This keyword is giving a lot of result, even compared to using: “gold cufflinks”.

Silver cufflinks: BLUE – Gold cufflinks: RED

pic 5

To conclude in overall keywords, the word: “cufflinks” (plural) instead of “cufflink” (singular) is used a lot more in search engines, as illustrated in the graph below.

Paul Smith needs to take advantage and use cufflinks in plural enable to get more results in the search engines.

pic 6


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