Heard it through the Grapevine?!

– What does your Social Media accounts say about you?


Your future employers don’t want to know what you did last friday night!

Therefore, we have compiled 10 great advices for you, to take ownership of your professional social network accounts, so you don’t end up in the Social Media trap!


  1. Change Facebook (and potentially Twitter) privacy settings, in order to limit availability of content.
  2. Remove media that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate.
  3. Keep up to date with what your friends post about you, untag yourself if necessary.
  4. Don’t have inappropriate pictures of yourself as your profile pictures.
  5. Consider having a personal and professional twitter.
  6. If you don’t want people to find your social media profiles use your first and middle or different names.
  7. Make sure that photos, where you have untagged yourself, still aren’t accessible – Google it! Try: “Facebook – your name – and then another person’s name, who is in it ” and check it doesn’t appear on Google Images.
  8. Change your settings in order to approve tags before they end on Facebook.
  9. Appeal as the ideal candidate! Think if you were the employer what you would look for.
  10. After you have tidied up your accounts; add in links to your other social media accounts to create awareness about your own brand!

A professional social network can provide the benefits of demonstrating your key skills and attributes that are perfect for the key job requirements. It also showcases your past work experience and contact information, so they know how to easily contact you to give you the job.

“If you wouldn’t be proud to see it in the newspaper, you shouldn’t be proud to have it online”



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