Blog Post 1 – Agency introduction

FreezeFrameDMMP is a successful, Manchester-based B2B student digital agency. We work within the film industry and distribute the message of upcoming movies to your target audience, through different digital communication channels.

With a dedicated team of professionals that provide quality services, FreezeFrameDMMP is the digital agency that will deliver search engine marketing and social media strategies to achieve your business goals.

FreezeFrameDMMP: Building Movie Moments!


Meet the @FreezeFrameDMMP Team

kKicki Holm is our Account Director, who has professional skillsets of communication, creativity, leadership and strategic management (The Drum Jobs, 2015).

Kicki will be your personal contact on a 24/7 helpline, managing your account and the team efficiently and effectively, making sure your business gets the best results. Kicki will be present throughout the entire process from understanding your business requirements to managing your project and budgets (Cogs Agency, 2014).

pPaige Davis is our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager, who has extensive digital knowledge and experience within SEO and PPC (Brand Republic Jobs, 2015).

Paige has expert knowledge within SEM tools, including Google Analytics and Word tracker, gaining industry insights on how the internet consumer works, what they want and how to engage them, including on-page optimisation techniques (KoMarketing, 2015). Paige will advise you on the latest SEM trends, developments and content used, to implement effective SEM strategies to increase web traffic, search engine result page rankings and consumer interaction to your campaign (KoMarketing, 2015).

uUna Ivory is our Social Media Manager, a professional expert of social media who has attention to detail, with a creative skillset in managing all your social media accounts (Brand Republic Jobs, 2015).

Una will work with your company to implement an effective social media strategy, to promote your key content and engage your customers over various social network channels, on a daily basis (Brand Republic Jobs, 2015).

mMatt Fox is our Head of Brand Communications, who will analyse industry and consumer trends, and keep your company up to date on the codes of practice and regulations (The Drum Jobs, 2015).

Your business will also benefit from his valuable experience in industry trends and insights, in the form of relevant and engaging brand communication campaigns, crafted to reach your target market (The Drum Jobs, 2015).

We look forward to delivering your success.


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FreezeFrameDMMP –  Building Movie Moments!

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